Trigger Fitment

Our grips are cut to fit an "STI" sized trigger that is .240" wide. Many other aftermarket triggers are sized for a .250" width. It is straight forward to file the grip out to fit this larger size as there are 4 "triangles" of material in the trigger shoe track that constrain the width, they may be easily filed with a 1911 barrel lug file that has 2 safe sides. As always, it is recommended to have a qualified gunsmith do this kind of work for you.


The triggers we make are sized for a .240" width trigger track and are an easy fit to any STI or Stacatto factory pistol. All triggers may require minor fitting into our grips and any other grip, including but not limited to trigger shoe height & width, trigger bow dimensions, pre travel & over travel. We recommend using blue Locktite 243 for the over travel screw. All trigger & safety functions must be checked by a qualified gunsmith.


Trigger shoe sizes are based on a standard long curve trigger. The short flat trigger is the same length as a long curve trigger is in the middle. The rest of the trigger sizes are .100" different. It is always better to be slightly short on the trigger length vs it being too long and you having more of a tendency to push the pistol to the side with your trigger finger.