Slide & Barrel Length

1911/2011 Slide & Barrel Length


Government 5"

A Government 5" 1911/2011 slide is actually 4.9" long from the breechface to the front of the slide. The barrel protrudes .1" using a 5" barrel. The reverse plug is 1.7" long.


Midlength 4.6"

Midlength or "IMM" slides are .38" shorter at 4.52" and use a 4.6" barrel. Usually built on government spec frames with a shortened dustcover. They use a 1.325" long reverse plug. We recommend using a 1/4" guide rod system for this length.

If built into an open gun, we recommend using a full sized 1.7" government reverse plug that extends past the end of the slide under the compensator with a standard 1911 recoil spring & guide rod.


Commander 4.25"

Commander length slides are typically 4.15" and use a 4.25" barrel. They are built on "commander" spec frames with slide rails that are .086"-.090" shorter as well as having the guide rod seat setback into the frame to allow for more stroke. The reverse plug is 1.25" long. We recommend using a 1/4" guide rod system for this length.


Specific lengths of parts may vary slightly from different manufacturers, which is one reason you will see "commander" length parts referred to all the way from 4.15" to 4.25".